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Norfolk Wildfowl is the private Collection of Roger Cattermole who from a very young age has been involved with the breeding of many different species of Wildfowl, Pheasants, Waders and some Soft-bills. The small collection currently only consists of wildfowl with an emphasis on some of the more testing species to maintain in captivity along with some interesting colour mutations.

The collection is small and maintained in a garden setting, gardening being another passion and I try to complement the wildfowl with interesting landscaping that possibly helps encourage some species to breed and certainly creates added interest. My aim is to create gardens that have a different dimension with the wildfowl that creates a more environmentally complete picture. There are many waterfowl collections and even more stunning gardens but there are very few instances where the two are combined. 

Being the wrong side of fifty I have been very fortunate to look, listen and learn from many of the great waterfowl breeders from the days when the UK could boast some of the finest collections in the world.


I consider it a privilege to be able to maintain wildfowl in captivity as a hobby and get significant satisfaction from enticing diverse species of wildfowl from the arctic to the tropics to breed in a garden in Norfolk. Surplus stock is available for sale along with access to bespoke products to assist with the breeding of wildfowl in captivity.


As time permits it is my intention to develop this site so that it can be a way of sharing information on the captive breeding of wildfowl and if you have any questions that you think I may be able to assist with or facilitate appropriate answers via this site please feel free to ask via the contact page.    

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Norfolk Wildfowl

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